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The Sands Restaurant occupies a unique part of the world. It derives its name from its neighbor to the west - the Silver Lake Sand Dunes State Park. Nature created the dunes during what geologists call the Pleistocene Epoch, some 1,800,000 years ago. Massive glaciers covered North America including much of Michigan. The glaciers advanced and subsided. The constant grinding between ice and earth over long periods of time resulted in 2,000 acres of living, shifting sand that today, defines one of the worlds great destination resorts. Your family will  love a vacation at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. The Sands Restaurant would be pleased to be your host for your meals. Our food is as good as the view. We provide family dining at reasonable prices.

Take a look at this unique vista - Lake Michigan's white sand beaches in the background; the world's largest living, shifting sand dunes in the middle and Silver Lake's inviting blue waters on the right. Come visit us for your next family vacation.


Silver Lake Sand Dunes BBQ Cookoff

We are located at:
Silver Lake
8448 W. Hazel Road
Mears, MI 49436

World Record Pork Burger